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Court clears way for drink driving cases

Court clears way for drink driving cases


Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — A federal judge says he’s giving New York state a green light to launch its own pilot program to help people reduce their alcohol consumption after a sober-assessment study found that a statewide measure has resulted in more people getting the sobriety tests and receiving treatment for problems like anxiety and depression.

The move will make it easier for state agencies to gather data on the effectiveness of the Alcoholics Anonymous program, which is funded by the federal government and has been available in 10 states since it was implemented in 1996.

A U.S. District Court judge said Thursday that a program he is reviewing is one that shows results.gta5카지노

David Pogue, a spokesman for the state Attorney General’s O바카라ffice, says it’s reviewing the report and will determine its next steps, but said there’s no immediate timeline for moving forward with it.

The federal case could set the stage for the states to seek more financial and legislative support for the program in베스트 카지노 the future, such as helping cities and counties prepare for more intoxicated drivers.