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Act government continues crackdown on alcohol related crime

Act government continues crackdown on alcohol related crime

Police in the City and City of Sydney are carrying out a crackdown on alcohol related crime after thousands of people attended a protest over a bill that makes it easier to prosecute people who drink alcohol.

More than 2,000 people, including Sydney Council and an international youth network, were arrested at the protest in front of the Australian International Trade Centre at 7pm last night.

Several members of the Sydney Police Force were on-hand at the protest with their vehicles as they arrested people outside the police station, reports Sydney.

Inspector Steve Beasley of the City of Sydney’s police force said police were seeking to discourage people who drink alcohol from buying or carrying out illegal transactions with other persons.

He said they needed to keep these people off the streets because of the increased risk of theft and other crime.

“People who are found to have 카지노 게임been involved in crime need to realise that they can be arrested and charged with an offence that 우리 카지노is substantially more serious, and they may not even be able to obtain a plea,” Inspector Beasley said.

“If they’re able to go on and find some protection in their community, they will be able to find the protection they need.

“You can see there’s concern and concern from the community at what’s been happening in the community in terms of crime.

“There is just a general feeling of not wanting to do that sort of thing anymore. It’s not something that we do lightly and it’s something that we’re dealing with seriously, but it also needs to be done as efficiently as possible, it needs to be done to a certain extent that makes it very, very difficult to deal with the problem.”

Protesters also wanted the ACT to decriminalise the골목 selling or consuming of alcohol in all public places, including cafes and taverns.

Sydney City Mayor Clover Moore will be meeting with Ms Beasley today.

Ms Beasley said the protesters had raised concerns about the “underhandedness of our Government’s efforts and about the harm that this will do to innocent people and the harm caused to communities”.

She said it had been “heartening” to see so many people stand up against the anti-alcohol policy.

“The Government needs to reflect, not only on this, but, we’re also seeing there’s a number of organisations across Australia, not just on the ACT, which are stepping up to say, ‘No, no,