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Bureaucracy to blame for closure scallop fishery

Bureaucracy to blame for closure scallop fishery

The bureau told the court it had taken steps to protect the scallop fishery, including installing a barrierSM 카지노 of bamboo in the area around the site.

“These efforts had been undertaken in response to the closure of one of the scallop scallop fishery facilities,” she told court.

She said some fish were found in the same area in 2014, while another scallop fishing facility was closed last year.

The B.C. Fisheries Department told court that only the two facilities closed that year had the presence of “hig바카라h quality” fish in them.

In 2013, then fisheries minister Shirley Bond said in court documents tha코인 카지노t the facility near the scene of the scallop closure had at that time only about 50 scallop fish in the water.

On Wednesday, an intervener presented a copy of a government request for a preliminary ruling by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Richard O’Brien which ruled that B.C.’s government will seek a final decision that the scallop fishery should remain open.