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Fed govt urged to back up road funds pledge to tackle flood danger

Fed govt urged to back up road funds pledge to tackle flood danger

Government urges money for flood defences to flow through existing infrastructure

A Government-backing pledge by the Northern Ireland department to pay the cost of the country’s flooding is being viewed with alarm by farmers and politicians.

The announcement comes after it was revealed the Government is seeking a further £8 million in private funding to ensure the money goes directly to flood defences, rather than in the form of 바카라사이트grants.

The Government has confirmed it will look to provide private funding for flood defences as part of its drive to cut costs, though it is not the same level as those in the North or the South.

“These funding plans are being reviewed for the flood mitigation programme,” a spokesman for Finance Minister David Ford said.

The funding scheme would mean Northern Ireland getting a total of around £25 million over five years – the vast majority of which would go directly to flood defences.

A Government spokesman said: “This money could easily have gone to flood defences for other areas of Northern Ireland, it would have been a different story at Stormont.

“This is also very important because flood defences are important part of our economy, we’re the UK’s most efficient producer of flood defences – we have the largest and strongest of our defences in place.

“The vast majority of this funding would go straight to the development of our flood defences but there would be other parts of the UK that could also benefit from it.”

He insisted the funding would go straight into flood defence planning.

The Government wants to cut costs on flood defences and will provide the N더킹카지노orthern Ireland Department of Public Expenditure with a further £10 million to우리카지노 improve flood defences in recent years.

The Northern Ireland Government plans to spend nearly £2 billion on flood defences in a bid to reduce the amount of water being dumped in areas affected by flooding.

However some members of the Conservative party said the Government’s flood strategy does not go far enough and calls for the Government to increase spending on infrastructure.

Nigel Lawson MP, former minister for flood protection, said the funding should not be used to protect people’s homes.

“The Government would do better to use the money to save homes, but not to protect the water from the main roads that carry the most people in and out of the affected areas, which will lead to higher and higher costs and higher prices,” he said.

“The more we do with the money, the more we save.


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