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Royal visit: pomp

Royal visit: pomp; ceremony and hip hop to greet duke and duchess, who came to the US on Wednesday

A British-born Canadian man was reportedly attacked by a Muslim man outside of his hotel in New York City for trying to celebrate Canada Day by going ‘hijra’.

The bizarre incident happened on Wednesday afternoon when an unnamed 24-year old Canadian national decided to skip the traditional ‘pride parade’ and go to the Trump Hotel, a few blocks away from the White House.

The ‘hijra’ – an Islamic form of modesty practiced by some Muslim populations as well as some Jewish communities – was performed to the tune of the song ‘God Bless America’ by the Canadian band The Killers who played the music during the 2011 Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

The woman who was allegedly assaulted, identified as a Muslim convert to the UK by Toronto Sun, told a witness that she had been walking past where Trudeau was meeting with Ivanka Trump, daughter of US president-elect Donald Trump, and thought she saw a ‘Hijra’.

She then ran off after being followed by an unknown young man in a red hooded sweatshirt.

The man’s identity has not yet been confirmed by investigators, but was last seen wearing a dark suit and tan sneakers at the White House after attending a charity event with Melania Trump a day earlier.

The Muslim convert, who reportedly had been staying in the hotel, said he is happy for his fellow Muslim Americans to be proud of their religion, and is proud that America is an open and tolerant place where many of them can come to and practice their religion.

After the fight, Trudeau was forced to stop a press event when security officers stopped him to ask if he wanted to enter through the entrance

On Monday, the White House released a statement saying the President ‘looked to President Trump to take his leadership and the American people’s values into his own hands to help bring unity and respect to the country and our community’,