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Central victoria under summer fire restrictions

Central victoria under summer fire restrictions

Daley’s comments come after the City Council’s Public Works Committee released a report Friday which determined that in response to a public outcry, the restriction would have been imposed sooner rather than later.

Daley told the council that she believed a review of past fire restrictions shows that fire restrictions have been applied with the correct intent.

The restrictions, which apply to the West Side, East Side and Lower West Side, include:

A 20-second warning to the public before every fire

A 100-foot restriction from the edge of downtown to the edge of Forest Glen

A 90-foot restriction from the edge of Forest Glen and the West Side to the edge of West End

A 40-foot restriction from the edge of West End and the West Side to the edge of Forest Glen

The restrictions include a “preemptive fire ban” which prohibits structures from being built after the first 20 seconds of a fire.

Daley said the restrictions should be applied more consistently.

“Let me be very clear with the public and the fire commission, I don’t believe that these restrictions are necessary,” Daley said. “The public has an expectation of fire safety. We expect 속초출장마사지them to be put in place as quickly as possible.”

Daley did not immedia대구 출장 안마tely respond when asked whether council members would like a permanent ban that would prevent buildings from being built before the first 20 seconds of a fire.

While the restrictions woul김천출장마사지d have banned the East Side from construction, they were not a permanent ban. The East Side would still need to be developed or removed to be removed from those city codes, Daley said.

For much of the meeting, neighbors spoke about their concerns about the fire restrictions, including how they were applied and when they were applied.

Many people said that the fire restrictions were applied before the end of summer as the city was planning to erect a “fire protection park” on the west side.

People who live near the proposed park agreed that the restrictions were put in place, but noted that the fire restrictions applied only 10 minutes before the park opened. They said that was within the window where people need to be alert and away from the area.

“There was nothing like a 40-foot restriction. We didn’t feel there was anything to be frightened of,” said Richard Avis, a West Side resident.

The Public Works Committee has decided to impose the restrictions in stages for five years during summer in an attempt to determin