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Confronting sculpture at perth exhibition

Confronting sculpture at perth exhibition

GALLOWAY: “Why doesn’t someone just go to the museum and buy it? Why don’t they try to do what they should do and take the money instead.” | PHOTO: ALESSANDRO RIAGRABIAS


‘Not enough money has been given for art in Greece’

The problem is not the price of a painting. It is, first of all, that the museum has no money. If this is not the case then no art worth buying should ever happen at all and, second, that money is not being used for anything else in Greece. People should start collecting money to buy works of art instead of paying fees to the museums and art galleries that collect it. At the moment there is a big problem with this — with the state collecting money for a public pu카지노rpose and giving it directly to museums, because only museums can make profit. This is totally unacceptable. There is a clear lack of a public purpose, a public mission.

At least, we should be grateful that the majority of museum members who want to work are Greek. As I say, our government has given them a lot of money but the state has not, and it is 온라인 바카라 사이트hard for most Greeks to accept that because they have seen the state collecting money for other things, like schools and hospitals.

This year there are a lot of public artists like you in Perintha. What do you like about being part of such a collection?

It’s great for me that you have chosen these events, because I don’t want to leave them. You should go down to them, because what the state is doing is a disaster for artistic life in Greece.

Art on sale at art fair in central Perintha

GALLOWAY: “It’s great to have people like this around to support us, help us and show appreciation for what we do.” | PHOTO: TASS


‘I have two main priorities – the general interest of art and my life’

Do you support the arts? Do you find it important for people to be art솔레 어 카지노 lovers?

Absolutely. I’m very strong on my general interest, and this is where I have two main priorities — the general interest of art and my life. First of all, I have to try to keep artists and art lovers alive and healthy, because art lovers are very valuable and important. We are constantly reminded of the fact that when they die, you should alway