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Irrigators throw cold water on infrastructure plan

Irrigators throw cold water on infrastructure plan

By Dan Froomkin

NEWPORT NEWS, Conn. — A big question looming over the next mayor of Newport News is whether he will follow through on the governor’s plan to create a new city for the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

While he has promised to get to the bottom of funding to build the facility, Newport News Mayor Jim Rogers said the question is not whether the state will fund the new city, but whether Newport News will be able to attract a new mayor who believes in that idea and wants to protect its residents from a proposed $10 million tax increase and proposed new health care tax, along with other taxes the state is demanding on the state.

Rogers, who will soon join the race for mayor, said Tuesday he would not discuss details of the mayor’s plan or budget. But he said he has had conversations with City Council President Brian Walser, who is spearheading the effort to build a new city.

Rogers said gta5카지노Wednesday that he talked with Walser about how to avoid a repeat of the “stark budget fights” of 2011, when the city and state were at loggerheads over a proposed $50 million tax increase on residents. The state, the county and homeowners were outraged.

Walser said it would be difficult to get a new city off the ground if a new mayor doesn’t believe it has the funding to support it.

In an interview with The Times-Picayune on Tuesday, Walser said he is not so sure the new city바카라 게임 will be able to attract the same type of business, and he wants to build a stronger, more sustainable city with residents and businesses and an investment in its transportation system. The new city could also be bigger.

Asked if he thinks a city might be able to attract a new mayor who disagrees with his economic and housing policies, Walser said he is willing to listen to the mayor.

“I am open to having a conversation, even though it’s not productive and I don’t think everyone wants to have a conversation,” Walser said. “Some are more convinced than others that the city should be built in this particular way.”

Rogers was not available for an interview Tuesday morning.