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Basin authority furious about state funding cuts

Basin authority furious abo바카라사이트ut state funding cuts

For three years, state transportation funding to the school district has fallen significantly, and the state has given up on trying to meet its own sjarvees.comtate budget targets. A new report by Kutztown Township Commission President Kevin Egan shows that school officials have begun to feel the effects of reduced funding: they’ve been forced to cut or suspend operations, put students out of state or give them a break in case they’ve been arrested while on a trip. They’ve also had to suspend maintenance for cars and buses as well as make stops at gas stations — sometimes forcing schools to cut hours from school hours, as the state budget is meant to keep.

With more staff cuts looming, school board members at the Kutztown school district say they need help — which, of course, means more money.

Last week’s hearing was just the latest indication of a growing problem with state transportation funding that comes along with state budget cuts. Kutztown Council President Jim Barban said this month that he expected a $12,000 hike in his district’s vehicle fund next year, to help deal with the additional maintenance costs students must endure each year while they are at the school. And that’s just on top of the $8,000 the state recently committed to Kutztown’s police department, though the city hasn’t been reimbursed.

But state law, and the Le더킹카지노gislature, still requires that the state use funding for transportation purposes “from sources that meet state, county and district needs.”

This means that any amount of funding must have some connection to transportation. And in an attempt to keep up with the increasing expenses, the state in 2011 and 2012 spent hundreds of millions of dollars more a year for transportation funding. That’s nearly three times what is currently available through transportation programs in general.

Kutztown’s budget would appear to fall into this category.

State lawmakers, including Gov. Tom Corbett, have pushed for more transportation funding, in part for the construction of highways, bridges, transit and bike lanes, and an increase in the use of gas in school buses. But Kutztown officials say that the more money, the more cars and buses they’ll have to put out on the street — and that’s likely something that other communities will be unable to pay for.

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