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How the ms dhu death in custody case unfolded: http://www

How the ms dhu death in custody case unfolded: #DhruMukher이천출장안마jeeBJP — ANI (@ANI_news) July 13, 2015

After being booked for the murder of Dharamshala resident Dhananjay Kumar, Mukherjee, who is now minister for home, went on to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the murder of the Congress chief in Dadri.

“After Dadri, if Modi was responsible for the murder in Delhi, I have nothing against it, but if he is responsible for killing Dhananjay Kumar in Dadri, then I have nothing against it,” Mukherjee said on Saturday. “When Modi was the PM, this was not a party issue. Why is Dhananjay Kumar’s murder now an issue of importance for Modi?”

Dhananjay was murdered when his driver went missing.

On Friday, Modi had also attacked Narendra Modi for his actions.

“Today, PMO and CMO come out with this kind of statement. But they don’t take into account a lot of the facts. The Modi government has created this impression that they (PMOs) will get justice and that the courts will be impartial,” he said.

PMO too: “The PM has said that the courts will see justice. But they are looking at only the facts. They don’t take into account that Dhananjay Kumar was killed, that many innocent people also did not get justice.”

On his stand, he said: “I have had a number of people in my state kill my sons. I will not make that comment to the President.”

Asked to comment on the “outrageous” statement by the Prime Minister, BJP national president Amit Shah said: “It’s not so. Modi’s statement today was to apologise. As far as I am concerned he would not be happ해운대출장샵 해운대출장마사지y that the party chief was making such a statement. The statement is a slap in the face to the people.”

But, he added, he was speaking for all BJP members in India, as an apology is not enough.

“All parties should take responsibility for wha제천출장안마 제천출장샵t has transpired in Delhi. It’s not my issue. When the media came to me