Bluescope steel boosts profit on lower costs dollar currency bond markets for U

Bluescope steel boosts 더킹카지노profit on lower costs dollar currency bond markets for U.S. companies, with bond yields as low as 2 percent

WASHINGTON — In a year of high inflation, a plunge in oil prices and a sharp rise in corporate taxes, an aggressive U.S. stock market is on course to take the economy to even higher levels.

While a strong stock market is not necessarily a good thing for investors, that’s one reason why many Wall Street executives have given up hope. If oil prices remain flat for another six months or less, as their recent upturn shows no sign of relenting, they believe they will have to keep paying a lower share of profits overseas in order to recoup their investment. So stock prices may ultimately help boost U.S. growth, even while cutting profits for corporations that profit from U.S. investments.

In this light, bond sales — particularly those led by large U.S. companies with substantial operations overseas — appear to be providing more fuel than they are to the stock market. With a little more than two weeks remaining in fiscal 2015, according t바카라사이트o the U.S. Labor Department, total U.S. commercial paper issuance — and the value of U.S. government bonds outstanding — jumped 8 percent. Bond holders are also taking advantage of a strong U.S. dollar, which is selling at a premium to key currencies like the yen and the Swiss franc. In fact, the dollar index in July was as high as 1.25 percent stronger than what is typical for major financial markets.

“As oil prices are currently trading at $92 (a week ago), this is a big reason why bond sales are increasing,” said Peter R. Reuter, a research analyst with investment research firm RBC Capital Markets, which forecasts interest expense from bond sales to rise 15 percent in fiscal 2015 from $38.6 billion this year. He declined to identify specific companies or the bond deals they have with big U.S. corporations.

While stock sales, as a percentage of corporate revenue, have also grown since fiscal 2008 to a high of more than 18 percent of corpor예스카지노ate income last year, they have remained low compared to other types of income. While total income has been growing at a moderate pace, the corporate share of total income has remained relatively flat. The share of income going to the private sector has actually grown faster than the share going to the federal government: 20 percent in 2010 compared with 14 percent in 2009.

At the same time, the U.S.

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