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A Step-By-Step Guide to Update Slow Hard Drive Work After System Upgrades


The end result of running the packager is two new files a type library file (OurButton.tlb) and a file of Windows Registry entries (OurButton.reg). 1 REGEDIT4 Our little Java Bean has generated 74 lines of entries for the Windows Registry. These entries, along with OurButton.tlb and the original jar file (OurButton.jar), constitute the ActiveX control to be installed. However, an easier and often better solution to registry problems is to use the Windows System recovery tool to restore the registry back to an earlier date.

System recovery is helpful if something was installed that caused problems in the registry. Alternatively, you could reinstall Windows, which would fix any bad registry settings by overwriting entries in the registry.

Normally the damage done is rarely seen or even attributed to the cleaning. How it can sometimes manifest itself is with an application simply not behaving as it used to, a program feature that no longer launches. PerfectRegistry cleans registry errors using its advanced scan engine and defragments the registry, streamlining it for smoother PC performance. PerfectRegistry quickly and safely fixes all registry errors.

The Registry Editor’s right-hand pane shows the values contained within the subkey selected in the left pane. With the exception of a default value that is present in every subkey, each value has its own unique name. The icon to the left of each value indicates its data type. In most cases regardless of which Registry Cleaning tool you use it’s not going to outright break Windows from booting or running.

Windows 98

  • Another reason for not installing this cleaner on your computer is limited space on your hard disk.
  • However, if you don’t want to install unwanted programs that the cleaner software automatically installs, then you can look for other options.
  • Widely considered as the best cleaner alongside CCleaner, the Wise Cleaner provides extremely fast registry cleaning, and automatic/scheduled scans.
  • Advanced SystemCare is a free-to-use registry cleaner with an attractive user interface and comes with a range of tools that not only clean your computer but also make it fast and secure.
  • Additionally, it features various scan modes and is said to be one of the safest tools available today.

Figure 28-3 shows a Windows installer running on a SUSE system under Wine. The first time that you run it on your Linux system, Wine creates a mock Windows directory hierarchy, as indicated by the message in the Konsole window in Figure 28-3.

Figure 16-5 Use the Windows Registry Editor program to view the settings stored in the Registry. You won’t find the Registry Editor on the Start menu. As it’s not something that Microsoft wants the average user to fool around with, the only way to launch it is via the Run dialog box.

When the Text Tools utility is started, it uses the GetSetting function to retrieve those values and set the controls accordingly. In the Windows Registry, the settings are stored at the following location Figure 16-5 shows these settings in the Windows Registry Editor program (regedit.exe ).

Figure 18-1 shows the Registry Editor with the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive (the purpose of which is explained in Registry Organization, below) expanded to show some of its keys, subkeys, and values. You can think of keys and subkeys as being like the hierarchy of folders and subfolders in the Windows file system. As its name suggests, a value is a named container for a single piece of information, such as the width of a menu.

Windows 7 Registry Problem, Fixed With Linux

This is an editor available for modifying various GNOME settings, which works in much the same way as editing a Windows registry. Most of the settings available are quite advanced, and it’s possible to mess up programs, even GNOME itself, if you make the wrong changes. However, there are some benign uses for the program, such as specifying the icons that should or should not display on the desktop.

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